Things To Do

We've assembled a selection of things you can do whilst at home with a Bradford Cathedral theme, as well as some other activities available from some of our other partners.


YouTube channel

You can watch lots of videos all about the heritage of Bradford Cathedral on our YouTube channel.


Discover Bradford Cathedral Blog.


Discover Bradford Blog

You can design your own cathedral guidebook and take part in a virtual Bradford Cathedral quiz by heading over to our Discover Bradford Cathedral blog!


360-degree tour


360-degree tour

Are you missing your regular visit to Bradford Cathedral? Then don't worry, as you can at least visit virtuall with our 360-degree tour of key spaces you may or may not have seen before. Please visit our special page, with more updates to it coming soon!


Zoom Backgrounds

Give your meetings a grander feel by contributing from inside, or outside, the oldest building in the city. Click the links below to download.


Drone Footage

Take to the skies and see Bradford Cathedral from the air!


Stained Glass Window.


Design Your Own Stained Glass Window

It's time to get creative! Download our special template, print it off and create your own window. Why not share your finished piece with us on Twitter / Instagram by tagging in @BfdCathedral and #StainedGlass, or e-mail it to us?


Cathedral Close-Up



Ben Comeau


Earth Hour Stream - Ben Comeau

Listen back to Ben Comeau's special Facebook live broadcast for us. (Click here to the encore)


Yorkshire Days In.


Other Activities

Visit Bradford

Visit Bradford have assembled together lots of 'Yorkshire Days In' activities from all sorts of places across the city. Find out more on their website.