Choir GoFundMe Appeal

Bradford Cathedral Choir works with children from across the city to provide an exceptional and free musical education. This opportunity is available to both boys and girls from all backgrounds, regardless of their faith. Primary schools in Bradford are visited by Cathedral music staff and pupils are also regularly invited to attend special events at the Cathedral to experience a wide variety of singing and music making opportunities. Many schools and children benefit greatly from this input, which is increasingly important since funding for music in schools has been so drastically cut in recent years. 

As part of the continuing musical and cultural education of our choristers, a coach tour, to Erfurt and Cologne in Germany, has been arranged for 7 nights in May 2019. The main opportunities of this trip being:

  • To offer the choristers the opportunity to sing with choristers from another country and learn from their German counterparts
  • To create and strengthen links with churches and choirs in Erfurt and Cologne
  • To visit places of cultural, historical and musical significance to broaden the choristers horizons and knowledge.
  • To enable Children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to travel abroad the chance to do so.
  • The choristers are extremely excited at the prospect of visiting Germany, and there are lots of events being planned for them while on the tour. However, as Bradford Cathedral Choir is not a subsidised choir or linked to a fee-paying educational establishment, we are hoping to raise funds to help with the costs of providing this opportunity. 

We would be extremely grateful for any contribution you can make towards our fundraising.


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