Freedom/ Wolność - Finding Home

For Refugee Week 2020 we have brought this year's exhibition online, a thought-provoking series of five videos created by Basia Szymańska.


Freedom/ Wolność - Finding Home is an audiovisual exhibition about Polish combatants, who came to the UK after WWII. It consists of portraits and recordings of 5 people, who shared their story about surviving war, and their journey to find a new home in England.


Basia Szymańska:
"What started as a simple university project, evolved into something much bigger and meaningful, than I imagined. It is not only a collection of personal memoirs, but also a record of history, told by eyewitnesses for the next generations to learn.


"Each story is different, but they all share one thing: all those people have come a long way to find something, which is often taken for granted – freedom and a safe home."


The exhibition


Anna Pyrtko


Stanisława Puszkiewicz


Lesław Latawiec


Edward Piskożub


Maria Pilch



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Participants: Anna Pyrtko, Stanisława Puszkiewicz, Lesław Latawiec, Edward Piskożub, Maria Pilch

Christopher Hazell, Karen Thornton (University of Bradford)


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