Linking Network

‘Who am I?’

‘Who are we?’

‘Where do we live? 

'How do we all live together?'

The Linking Network

The Cathedral Education Team are delighted to be able to offer workshops in the Cathedral on identity and belonging, as part of The Linking Network's schools' linking programme. The Cathedral is an ideal 'neutral venue' for both primary and secondary linking. If you are interested in visiting us as part of your linking work, please contact The Linking Network direct either on the phone - 01274 439248; by email; or their website for more details.


Workshops at the Cathedral

The workshops are designed to encourage children from different schools get to know each other better through looking at what they have in common and what matters to them. They also involve an exploration of signs, symbols and heraldry in the Cathedral and focus on how the Cathedral is a building of importance to all people who call Bradford their home, whatever their faith or background. Using this experience as a stimulus the children are tasked in pairs, with designing a shield or window that celebrates what they share and their own uniqueness and interests.