The content of our learning programme is designed to address aspects of the Bradford Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, the Diocesan Syllabus for RE and the Department for Education none statutory guidance for RE. It also addresses key elements of the GCSE RE programmes of study.


Learning sessions and trails are experiential and include opportunities for students to contemplate difficult questions about practice, ritual and belief in the Christian tradition.  All visits encourage students to reflect and to respond creatively through a variety of media to the planned content and to the experience of being in a unique sacred space.


Our learning provision is multi-disciplinary and offers countless opportunities for learning in Art, Drama, English, History and Citizenship, as well as in Religious Education.



  • Christian Belief and Practice
  • A Living Cathedral
  • The Growth of Christianity in the north of England
  • The Siege of Bradford: woolpacks and pitchforks
  • Remarkable Women
  • World War I and Remembrance
  • A Window on Faith
  • Celebrating Bradford


World War I and the Memorial Bells

This session is linked to our unique HLF project and looks at community, collective memory and commemoration in the context of World War I.  Participants will explore the history of bells in Christianity and the Cathedral and compare the use of bells, to the use of call and response in other religious traditions. They will use artefacts, documents and exhibition materials to find out about Bradford bell ringer Joe Hardcastle and the Cathedral's World War I Memorial Bells. They will explore the reliability of sources and decide on appropriate ways to interpret archive evidence, to retell the story of the Memorial Bells for different audiences.




Reflection and Responding Creatively

The Cathedral Education Team are happy to facilitate teacher led opportunities for quiet, reflective  time to enable the experience of awe, wonder and mystery in this special and unique Christian place of worship. Likewise it is possible to arrange appropriate teacher led sessions, that encourage participants to respond in a range of creative ways to the Cathedral experience. 


Bespoke Sessions

If possible we encourage schools to choose from the learning sessions and workshops outlined above. However should group leaders have particular content that they would like the Education Team to cover, please make this clear at the time of booking and whenever possible we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Post 16 and Lifelong Learning

The Cathedral regulary hosts groups of visitors from sixth forms, colleges and Universities, including those who are on under graduate and post graduate initial teacher education courses. We also offer trails, talks and workshops for community groups and welcome people from all backgrounds and of all ages see aduly (Lifelong Learning) .


Sixth Form Conferences

The Cathedral Education Team aspires to host an annual sixth form conference with a focus on current issues of faith in a religiously diverse and ever changing society.