Foundation / KS1

The content of our learning programme is designed to address aspects of the Bradford Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE), the Diocesan Syllabus for RE  and the Department for Education's none statutory guidance for RE. However the activities and workshops offered are multi media and cross curicular and we can focus on heritage and history, identity and belonging, art, citizenship and SMSCas required.  

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) RE

Young children are welcome to explore this special building, to experience the sights and sounds of the Cathedral and discover the stories that they tell. All learning sessions and trails, include opportunities for children to reflect and to respond creatively through a variety of media.

Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE EYFS Programme of Study:

  • Beliefs - What does special mean to me?
  • Practices - What is special to us?
  • Forms of expression - How do we show what is special to us?

Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE Key Stage 1 Programme of Study:

  • Beliefs - Can you tell what somebody believes by what they look like?
  • Practices - What is special to faith communities?
  • Forms of expression - How does what believers do show what they believe?

RE Themes                                                           

  • Special Places
  • Signs and Symbols
  • Precious Things
  • Special People
  • Special Days.


Special People

These sessions explore the Jesus stories, the stories of the early Christian Saints, including Saint Peter and those who brought Christianity to Northern Britain for example, Saint Aidan and Saint Hild; the Cathedral's stained glass windows pay testimony to the importance of women in the Christian tradition and provide an engaging starting point for exploring the stories of key women featured in the Bible.

Special Places

In this session we explore the importance of key aspects of Christianity, worship and times of celebration, through investigating a Christian place of worship. Participants discover the key features of a Cathedral and are introduced to the heritage and history of the oldest building in the centre of Bradford.     


Signs and Symbols

This involves finding signs and symbols within the Cathedral, their origins and stories and meanings associated with them.

Precious Things

A  treasure hunt that encourages children to explore the building, special  things and the stories they tell. 

Special Days

This session looks at special days and festivals, using evidence to be found in the Cathedral and the stories associated with special days and special times.



World War I Memorial Bells Project


Using artefacts, documents and our exhibition materials, find out about the tradition of Bells and bell ringing in Christianity, call and response in different religious traditions and the amazing Mr Joe Hardcastle and remembering World War I in Bradford. For more information about our HLF funded World War I Memorial Bells Project follow this link  WWI Memorial Bells.


The Key to the Cathedral Trail


This  involves children in an exciting hunt for lost treasure. The children are tasked with solving clues and to follow a 'key' trail that explores the Cathedral's main features. They find out about the importance of Saint Peter in the Christian tradition and the symbolism of keys. They also take part in an associated craft activity. When the treasure is found all participants receive their own personal key to the Cathedral to take away as a reminder that the door to Bradford Cathedral is open to all.

Cross Curricular Content

  • Art: Observational drawing around the Cathedral, art, design and modelling activities.
  • Drama: Role play, movement and mime.
  • English: Creative writing, poetry and prose.
  • Music: Appreciation, organ music, choral music, bells, bell ringing and change ringing.
  • History: Chronology, local history, significant people and significant events.
  • Reflection and Creative Response: The Cathedral Education Team are happy to facilitate teacher led opportunities for quiet, reflective  time to enable the experience of awe, wonder and mystery in this special and unique Christian place of worship. Likewise it is possible to arrange appropriate teacher led sessions, that encourage participants to respond in a range of creative ways to the Cathedral experience. 

Bespoke Sessions

If possible we encourage schools to choose from the learning sessions and workshops outlined above. However should group leaders have particular content that they would like the Education Team to cover, please make this clear at the time of booking and whenever possible we will endeavour to meet your needs.