Adult Visitors

Guided Tours, Workshops and Talks for Groups


Visitors of all faiths and none are welcome to Bradford Cathedral. Whether your group has a special interest or general interest, you will find a warm welcome here in this unique building with a history dating back some 1,300 years.


The Cathedral has a wealth of stories to tell  and the heritage of the City is revealed through this sacred space, its artwork, objects, windows and architecture. The Education Team can unlock the secrets of Bradford’s past, reveal the treasures of 1300 years of faith on this site and chronicle a long history of peace, conflict and change in a developing city, through one of a number of talks, workshops or guided tours. 


The Cathedral has a core offer for adult groups.  Thse sessions explore the history of the Cathedral, World War I and the Cathedral's Memorial Bells, Christian Belief and Practice and Signs and Symbols. We can very often adapt a session or arrange a bespoke tour or talk, so that it reflects a group's particular interests. Please contact the Education Team to discuss your requirements.


Reflection, Contemplation and Response

Cathedral 2

Should you wish to bring a group to spend quiet reflective or contemplative time in the Cathedral, please book in advance with the Education team, so that they may adequately facilitate this experience.


Cost of guided tours, workshops and talks

There is no fixed charge, however we suggest that wherever possible a nominal donation of £2.50 per person, per visit is made. Tea, coffee and biscuits may be provided for adult groups and a voluntary donation towards this is always most welcome. Please notify the Education Team at the time of booking if refreshments are required.


World War I and the Memorial Bells

In this session participants will find out about the history of bells in the Cathedral and compare the use of bells, to the use of call and response in other religious traditions. They will use artefacts, documents and exhibition materials to find out about the World War I Memorial Bells and the story of Bradford bell ringer Joe Hardcastle. 




Individual visitors and pilgrims

'Peaceful, beautiful, friendly, welcoming. It has a special atmosphere'.


Individual visitors and pilgrims are always welcome in the Cathedral and its Chapels.  A variety of informative and reflective materials to support your visit may be found in the area near the south door.



All families are welcome here  to explore the Cathedral. Our simple Pelican Trail booklet, has been prepared with families in mind. It tales you on a tour of the Cathedral suggesting activities for children as you go.


Specific family orientated activities are often planned for school holidays and to mark special times of the Christian year, for example Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.