Our People

Many different people and groups make up the community that is Bradford Cathedral. The Cathedral community includes its clergy and staff, members of the congregation, volunteers, and friends. When using the email addresses below please add bradfordcathedral.org after the @

Please note that the Cathedral Main Office number is 01274 777720


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Cathedral Staff

Acting Dean

The Revd Canon Paul Maybury
Mobile: 07496 968 234

Canon Paul Maybury.


Residentiary Canon - Canon for Mission and Pastoral Development (Safeguarding Officer)

The Revd Canon Mandy Coutts

Canon Mandy Coutts.


Acting Canon Precentor

The Revd Canon Philip Gray
Mobile: 07538 230 287

Canon Philip Gray.


Chief Operating Officer

Andy McCarthy
Tel: 01274 777726

Andy McCarthy.


EA to Chief Operating Officer & Director of Finance 

Jasmin Brearton
Tel: 01274 777726

Jasmin Brearton.


Director of Education and Visitors

Maggie Myers
Tel: 01274 777720

Maggie Myers.

Heritage Education

Diane Hadwen

Diane v2

Head Verger

David Worsley
Tel: 01274 777724

David Worsley.

Director of Music

Alex Berry
Tel: 01274 777 725 / 07507 456 741

Alex Berry.

Assistant Director of Music / Sub-organist

Graham Thorpe

01274 777 732
07507 455 979.

Graham Thorpe.


Choir Matron

Daniel Lappin
07403 666091


Daniel Lappin


Music Administrator

Naomi Reiss
Tel: 01274 777720

Naomi Reiss.


PA to the Dean

Sandra Heaton
Tel: 01274 777736

Sandra Heaton

Director of Finance

Simon Dennis

Simon Dennis.


Julie Bowyer
Tel: 01274 777720

Julie Bowyer.


Communications, Marketing and Events

Philip Lickley
Tel: 01274 777734

Philip Lickley.

Digital Content and Social Media Assistant

Katie Glover
Tel: 01274 777720

Katie Glover.


Income Development Officer

Sharon Link
Tel: 01274 777721


Sharon Link.



  • David Worsley - Head Verger
  • John Paley - Assistant Verger
  • Ian Price - Assistant Verger

Ian Price.

  • Dave Robinson Assistant Verger

Dave Robinson.

  • Joe Tarver Volunteer Verger
  • Andrew Mooring Volunteer Verger
  • Sam Fletcher  Volunteer Verger

During the service itself, a verger's main duty is ceremonially to precede the religious participants as they move about the church; he or she does not typically take any speaking part in the service itself. It could be argued that a verger's main pride during a service lies in his or her inconspicuousness; vergers often play a very prominent role "behind the scenes" — helping to plan the logistical details of service and discreetly shepherding the clergy through it. (In some churches these latter duties are handled by a Master of Ceremonies, while the verger functions as a sort of marshal in the procession.)


At Bradford, in addition to the normal liturgical duties, our vergers also look after the sound desk and security at services and other Cathedral events.


Bradford Cathedral currently has a Head Verger, three assistant Vergers and a number of volunteer vergers.  We are, however, always on the lookout for additional volunteer vergers who would be willing to share the load.

Other Officers

Disabilities Officer

Lindsey Bradshaw


Lindsey Bradshaw.



The Cathedral could not operate without its volunteers. Our Churchwardens do a wonderful job supporting the clergy. Other volunteers include:-

  • Servers
  • Lay Assistants
  • Healing Team
  • Sidesmen
  • Refreshment teams
  • Flower arrangers
  • Education team and welcomers
  • Artspace committee and volunteers
  • Children’s work on a Sunday
  • Choir parents


Canon Theologian

Ben QuashBen Quash is non-residentiary Canon Theologian of Bradford Cathedral, as well as Professor of Christianity and the Arts at King’s College London—a post he has occupied since 2007. Prior to that, he was a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College and then of Peterhouse, Cambridge, and lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. 


He is fascinated by how the arts can renew people’s engagement with the Bible and Christian tradition, and is directing a major 7-year project to create an onlineVisual Commentary on Scripture. He runs an MA in Christianity and the Arts in association with the National Gallery, London, and broadcasts frequently on BBC radio. 


He is a Trustee of Art and Christianity Enquiry, and also Canon Theologian of Coventry. His publications include Abiding: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2013 (Bloomsbury, 2012) and Found Theology: History, Imagination and the Holy Spirit (T&T Clark, 2014).


Ben loves Yorkshire, having grown up visiting grandparents here. As someone with a long track record of working in the area of interfaith relationships, he has a strong interest in Bradford’s diverse civic Life. The city has a huge amount to offer by its pioneering example, and Ben has been proud to be a speaker at the Bradford literature festival. He preaches at the cathedral from time to time, and gives talks to the congregation and to the clergy of the wider diocese at regular intervals. These have often related theology to the arts, encouraging both cathedral and diocese in forms of ministry that use the arts to help people explore the Christian faith and the world around them, whether they are regular churchgoers or not.